Why you will love your Boudoir Experience - Bare Studio

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Preparing to see yourself transformed into a gorgeous, sexy vision of undress can be exciting. However, we know it can also be overwhelming, and even a little scary. Here at Bare Studio Portraits, we want you to feel safe and comfortable. We know there are questions you’ll have before your boudoir session-this is normal! Here […]

Why You’re Going to Love your Boudoir Experience

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Reasons You’re Not Booking a Boudoir Session! I have plenty of consults where women have given me countless reasons as to why they can’t do a boudoir session. Here are some common excuses I hear, and how to overcome them!  Read: 5 Important things to bring to your boudoir session 1. Excuse #1- “I’m not […]

5 Excuses Why You’re Not Booking a Boudoir Session

Reasons You're Not Booking a Boudoir Session
Bare Studio Portraits Magazines | New Products

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If you haven’t heard, Bare Studio Portraits has released two new magazines for your ultimate pleasure!  We wanted to add something that was incredibly unique to our collections! These products are AhMazing! The Self-Affirmation magazine is a wonderful way to cheer yourself up on even the gloomiest of days. Or it can simply be an […]

New Products, Who This? About Bare Studio Magazines

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  1. First Thing’s First – Feel Confident in Your Photographer. Just because someone’s expensive doesn’t mean they’re the best. And just because someone’s prices are great doesn’t mean the quality of the photos will be. Choosing the right photographer matters. You want to bond with them and feel comfortable at your body’s most vulnerable […]

4 Most Important Tips To Enjoy Your Boudoir Session

How to Enjoy Your Boudoir Session - Bare Studio Portraits

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Wondering what happens to your images when you book a boudoir session? We’re here to clear the air and explain our boudoir sessions privacy. We’ve been fortunate enough to do some amazing and beautiful shoots over the years, but some of the most interesting shots are never posted online. Read: 5 Tips to Prepare for a […]

Let’s Chat: Privacy and Boudoir Sessions

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1. Relax! Now, for those of you who are doing this session for the first time, you’re probably looking at this like-there is no way I can pull this off! Jitters before your shoot are normal! But don’t worry! You don’t need to be overly stressed when preparing for your boudoir shoot. We have everything […]

5 Tips to Prepare for a Boudoir Shoot

How to prepare for a boudoir shoot - Bare Studio Portraits
What Makes a Good Boudoir Photo? - Bare Studio Portraits

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So, you’ve been thinking about having a boudoir session-like. Woah. You might be thinking, “how do I practice?! I’m not a model! How could this possibly go well? You might even talk yourself out of it two or three good times. Part of you might say, “you know what, maybe I shouldn’t do this. WAIT! […]

What Makes a Good Boudoir Photo?

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Ahhh. It’s time to plan another date night. You and your significant other have done everything. You’ve gone to the movies a couple of times, stayed in and watched TV with junk food on hand; you might have even gone to a fancy restaurant, super upscale, with live music and all the works. So now […]

A Couple’s Boudoir Session Date Night Idea

New Date Night Idea: A Couple's Boudoir Session - Bare Studio
How to Prep For Your Boudoir Session

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So, you’ve booked your first boudoir session. EEEEKK! Now, What in the world do you do next?! Before your Session, here are a few things you should do. How to Prep For Your Boudoir Session? Follow a few tips for a boudoir photoshoot. How to Prep For Your Boudoir Session Drink plenty of water, so […]

6 Tips to Prep For Your Boudoir Session 2023


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