Your boudoir album is more than a book. It is a work of art, made with love and care by me. Each page is carefully designed for your images to shine. These fine art coffee table books are the perfect way to keep forever your time in the studio, or give as a gift.

These handcrafted Luxury Albums are designed to last forever. High-quality cover materials include leather, velvet and acrylic, among others. Customize with your favorite color scheme, or choose from one of my ready-made options.

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Luxury Albums


A luxurious, handcrafted folio box, topped with an exquisite ice lid, cradling your stunning boudoir photos. These treasure boxes aren't just some ordinary keepsake; they hold the memories of your spectacular self-love journey, encasing your raw power, and unapologetic sexiness within. 

Folio Boxes

Our gorgeous Magazines are fully customizable, and come in two styles; the Self-Affirmation and the Naughty Magazine!

The Self-Affirmation Magazine is filled with helpful reminders of how amazing you are for the days that you need it the most. Keep it on your nightstand or tuck it away in your closet to bring out when you feell like celebrating your self-love journey.

The Naughty Magazine is a wonderful way to spark conversation between you and your partner. From your deepest fantasies, to what you would like to see more of in the bedroom, this conversational piece is sure to be a head-turner!

Bare  Magazines

Add some fun and personality to your bedroom with our Retro Viewfinder. This super fun item is a great gift to give and receive. With 8 of your favorite images printed on a film reel inside, you can create a personal keepsake to remember your Experience.

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Peep Show

These luxury folios are a wonderful piece for your coffee table, or can be placed discreetly in a bookshelf. Highlight some of your favorite images with a bi-folio or tri-folio.

Leather Folios

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